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Employee Training Video Production Los Angeles and Southern California
You’re not selling your company – you’re not even selling your service.  You’re selling YOU.  Raise the impact of your marketing with top-quality, affordable video personally written, produced, and directed by an exceptional Hollywood professional. “Video is the new SEO.” – (Cisco)  

The visitor to your website already knows what you’re selling – that’s how he or she got there.  But there are two things the visitor doesn’t know – if you are for real, because anyone can build a website; and who you are.  Your Cloudwalker Videoworks videos prove you are substantial, human, and show why you stand out from your competition.  Visitors may not be sophisticated about your service or product, but will immediately react to any amateurish moment in your videos – and the image you’ve worked so hard to form will be indelibly tarnished.  That’s why at Cloudwalker Videoworks every project is personally headed by an award-winning filmmaker with 30 years of top-level experience at ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Showtime, The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Warner Bros., and MGM. Call Richard at 310-251-0434 for a free consultation and get started on your own compelling videos – written, produced, directed, and edited for your company’s needs by a top Hollywood pro.

• Website Page Videos Take your website from an old text and photo showcase to today’s video-first experience 

• Bio Videos Instead of just a photo, show who you are and make it your “first meeting” with a prospective client

• Corporate Videos Elegantly convey your firm’s core values, history, people, and place

• Product Videos Showcase your product and how to use it with top-level video

TV Commercials Affordable network quality writing, direction, and production for local/regional broadcast

• Trade Show Videos Catch their attention and bring them into your booth with video designed to do just that